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Sozo is a business intelligence consulting company that works to provide bespoke solutions for international trade and business development. We leverage deep insight into the East African Market to provide vital data and services that corporations need to achieve their business objectives.

Sozo offer businesses tailor-made consulting solutions in export management; business development; CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility); and knowledge transfer in the East African market.

We help corporations establish thriving businesses through the provision of market intelligence that gives businesses an advantage in the marketplace, reduces risk and improve business processes.

We leverage the extensive international experience, to offer bespoke local market intelligence and professional project management solutions for businesses across industry verticals.

We believe in fighting poverty by facilitating excellent cooperation, and entrepreneurship. Sozo places a premium value on sustainable development projects that foster the emergence of self-sufficient communities.



an Economy on the March


Ethiopia is today the world’s third fastest growing economy. During the last five years, the country has witnessed a powerful expansion, resulting in an average growth in GDP of 10,5 percent. Ethiopia has about 95 million inhabitants and with a rapid urbanization and a fast-growing middle class the country is entering a new phase of development Foreign businesses and investors have already identified the great potential and the promising business opportunities emerging in Ethiopia and East Africa.


Substantial possibilities of expansion exist in textile- and leather industries, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, telecom as well as in renewable energy sector etc. “Fast growth, low costs and increasing profitability are only some of the many advantages with a business establishment in Africa.”




Professionalism, accountability, and quality are the foundation of services


Our business aims to enhance business and environmental sustainability

Capacity Building

We continually upgrade our knowledge to upscale the value we provide for our clients.


We work together to make positive impacts on our client’s business and our communities


Alliances are critical to our services, so we place a premium value on partnerships.

Customer Service

The complete satisfaction of our customers is the goal of our services.


We consult with businesses to understand their goals and objectives to streamline the service we provide to cater to the needs of our clients with precision. We provide companies with salient information about the market, including the viability of the proposed location, market prospects, and social factors that can have impacts on their establishment. With a good knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that abound, companies can design strategies to mitigate risks and make the best possible business decisions.


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