Export Plan

We organize export workshops, provide coaching, consult agencies on various critical export laws and facilitate export logistics as well as matchmaking in various sectors. Our export-coaching program (ECP) helps organizations to acquire the competency required to develop a quality, efficient, sustainable and profitable export plan. Moreover, our teams are available to provide ongoing support as the need arise.

Business Intelligence

We consult with our clients to understand their business objectives and provide salient information about the market, including the viability of the proposed location, market prospects, and social factors that can have impacts on their establishment. With a good knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that abound, companies can design strategies to mitigate risks and make the best possible business decisions.


Our team of experts helps corporate organizations strategize and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) programs to give back to the society by initiating or providing support for plausible charitable projects that enhance the living standards of the communities the business thrives in. Besides delivering benefits to society, we design CRS projects to serve as a corporate strategy to strengthen the brand of a company.


Recruitment Services

Our team of experts helps your business recruit skilled human capital resource required by your organization. We also provide capacity building programs for personnel at all cadres. As a part of our capacity building strategy for local businesses, we mediate collaboration with top-notch consultants who can facilitate knowledge and technology transfer needs of organizations across industry verticals.


Branding & Marketing

 We provide services that solve the crucial challenges of businesses. We help our clients hit the ground running with their new businesses and help upscale existing ones. Our marketing and branding services include the creation of corporate brand identity, business profiling, marketing plan, and advertising. We have an in-depth understanding of the local business environment and the marketing strategies that resonate with various target groups.


Software Development and AI Applications

The use of technology in modern business is necessary to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Sozo Consulting has the expertise and the technical competence to design and deploy various technology solutions for businesses. Our solutions include software development, mobile app, AI applications and much more.


Knowledge & Technology Transfer

Do you want to take your business or service in Ethiopia to the next level? You can leverage the opportunities we provide to enhance your business with new technology, and knowledge that can give your business an edge over the competition.


Sozo provides business with the opportunity to employ the services of expatriates that has specific skill sets and knowledge that add value to your business. With this service, companies can benefit from knowledge and technology transfer through the assistance of competent professionals from Scandinavia. Our services include helping Ethiopian companies find the professionals with the competence that their business needs, and mediate the entire process, ensuring that the whole procedure is in tandem with the applicable laws and regulations of Ethiopia. We are fostering globalisation that provides Ethiopian businesses with the opportunity to upscale their business.


If your company has a need for specialised competence, register here. We will match you with one of our Scandinavian specialists.