Sozo Consulting is a firm that specializes in facilitating the registration and importation of quality medical devices and services from reputable international manufacturers. We assist in registering importable medical devices with the Ethiopian Food and Drug Authority (EFDA), ensuring quality, safety, and performance standards are met.

We are here to help you register your medical device with the EFDA, which evaluates its quality, safety, performance, risk level, labeling, packaging, and shelf life. The EFDA has different categories and approval pathways for different products. We provide market research and analysis, prepare and submit the documents, liaise with the EFDA and the manufacturer, and follow up on the application. We do not sell or distribute the medical devices ourselves, but we can connect you with reliable partners who do. Our goal is to improve health care in Ethiopia by facilitating the import of quality medical devices from all over the world. Driving Healthcare Excellence in Ethiopia is our objective in mind.

In addition to connecting you with trusted suppliers, we also offer another service that is fully based on knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer is a process by which relevant research information is made available and accessible for practice, planning, and policy-making through interactive engagement with audiences. We facilitate events and trainings through collaboration and partnership between local hospitals or firms and international health institutions. This way, we can help you to access the latest evidence and best practices in health care, and to enhance your skills and competencies.